Professional Support & Services

We provide expert services and the know-how to help you quickly implement and leverage the full potential of our POS's features and functionality.

Our computer maintenance services cover all the needs of your organization:

  • Maintenance and repair of equipment.
  • Computer audit.
  • Networks (creation and maintenance)
  • Security configuration systems.
  • Server Management.
  • Development of specific software.

Changes and errors are inevitable ...

Changes and errors are invisible by more than decide to take all measures necessary, establish comprehensive monitoring or possible more rigid and strict controls. The only thing left is to be prepared and record all findings to have control over them.

How is the incident management protocol?

To ensure quality work requires a professional management protocol issues.

The protocol troubleshooter starts once the impact is communicated through authorized channels (phone, email and fax). Once notified the incidence DBdatapos staff attempt to resolve it by any of the following means:


Remote Support.

Prior consent of the institution and that the technology and the type of incident allows remote management of the systems will be made in order to deal quickly and transparently incidents that could be resolved through this service.

Phone support.

This service is offered in order to shorten response times on incidents in any of the computer systems whenever the phone resolution of the incident possible.

Scheduled maintenance.

This service includes unrecoverable hardware failure devices, software bugs unsolvable and maintenance of facilities. a calendar of scheduled visits will serve to perform routine maintenance of the different systems will be created.

Site support.

Issues arising in the facilities and once they have exhausted the possibilities of resolution via remote telephone. It will proceed to the visit to the resolution when these incidents can not wait to be resolved within the calendar of scheduled visits.

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