DBDATAPOS specializes in complete POS systems and POS software to meet the needs of almost any business environment, including restaurants, groceries, supermarket, convenience stores, and liquor stores, to name a few. We carry only high-quality, brand name POS Equipment. Why Choose DBDATA POS

All-In-One Terminals, Computer, Peripherals, Touch Monitors Products


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 Integrated Foodstamp processing
 Advanced SIL engine for supplier file processing
 Non-PLU barcode processing
 Price-embedded barcode processing
 Coupon processing
 Foodstamp tax adjustment in split transactions
 Buy-down amount management
 Buy-down amount reports
 Intergated WIC check processing
 Supermarket Sales Promotions


Easy Check Splitting
Ticket Transfers is a Breeze
Adjust Prices and Quantities
Split the bill by items or guest and open tab
Reorder Rounds or Items
Easily configured Happy Hour pricing for time of day and day of week
Quick tender buttons to close tabs fast
Split tabs and split payments are simple and intuitive
Integrated table management
Manage Tax and Tips


Integrated Foodstamp processing
Advanced SIL engine for supplier file processing
Non-PLU barcode processing
Price-embedded barcode processing
Coupon processing
Foodstamp tax adjustment in split transactions
Buy-down amount management
Buy-down amount reports
Intergated WIC check processing
Supermarket Sales Promotions
Enables Cash Discount line item

Our QSR POS System Features: Software

Drive Thru Module
Kitchen Display System Integration
Customizable Display Features
Order Accuracy
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
Inventory Management
Employee Management
Customer Tracking
Custom Menu Layouts
Online Sales & Analytic Reporting
Gift & Loyalty Card Processing
Support & Service 24/7
Value Added Solutions
Enables Cash Discount line item

Telephonic Central

We provide advice, design and installation of advanced digital telephone systems using voice over IP (VoIP) technology. Solutions to reduce costs and increase the quality of your telephone platform ……

The Virtual + IP Switchboard is designed for SMEs and the self-employed who need a communication service of the highest quality. Now you can save up to 40% with our rates (Yealink T23G phones included).

Security Cameras

Through this system you do not need to be present to know what is happening, from the comfort of your home, business or anywhere in the world, with a computer connected to the Internet, you can see the images of the cameras installed in your business or company.

Access to cameras in real time, whenever and wherever you are in the world. Video recordings can be saved on your computer, guaranteeing the integrity and security of the same. The communication with the cameras can be established from an intranet.

Access Control

The main staff attendance control module has the ability to perform the authentication of each employee through a fingerprint reader, proximity card, password or the combination of any of the three. It also has an integrated camera to capture a photograph at the time of registration and a video camera that is integrated to an external monitor, or a DVR, to see the video in real time of the personnel who is making the registration. The main module is strategically located to perform the daily record. It may also be controlling an entrance door, allowing only authorized personnel to enter.


There is hardly any product in the market that contains all of the features that AdvEntPOS contains: Why our product is so different?

Screen Layout Customization


Receipt Customization


Customer Display Customization


Barcode and Label Generator


Extensive Hardware Integration


Most powerful Pricing engine


Most powerful Inventory engine


Tax calculation by class


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Our main POS software is using Windows OS and requires Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. However, our ordering module is developed for both Android and iOS platforms and can be used by any device running on these platforms.
PCI compliant credit card processing
Merchant independent processing through Verifone PC Charge payment server
Integrated support for some gateways: X-Charge, World Pay, etc.
Access control for each individual report
128-bit password encryption
Role based security
Customizable permission settings
Login activity logs
Access control for each individual report
Your biggest advantage would be that our technical team will create database for you at no cost. Just send us your restaurant menu with pricing and our technicians will input items and create an initial database for you. Along with the item input, item images will also be added wherever needed. Above all, we provide this service COMPLETELY FREE of charge.
Fully touch-screen based interface
Fully customizable UI (through WYSIWYG designer)
Customizable menus
One-touch creation of short-cut buttons
Item level and invoice level discounting
Age verification for age-restricted products
Advanced item group management
Integrated Add-on charge processing
Customizable payment types
Customer charge accounts
Customizable tax classes
Quick and advanced search options
Most powerful custom filter Built-in multi-location inventory management
Stock tracking by location
Stock tracking by storage facility
Quick and easy item creation
Advanced item types: Matrix, Kit, Serialized, etc.
Item departments, categories, models and brands
Employee inventory activity tracking
Purchase history tracking by item
Sales history tracking by item
Hierarchical item settings (Parent/Child relation settings)
Automatic stock adjustment by item chain
Ripple-up and Ripple-down stock calculation
Transfer stock between storage facilities
Inventory movement tracking
Reorder points
Minimum order quantity calculations
EOQ calculations
Fully touch-screen based interface
Fully customizable UI (through WYSIWYG designer)
Customizable menus
One-touch creation of short-cut buttons
Item level and invoice level discounting
Age verification for age-restricted products
Advanced item group management
Integrated Add-on charge processing
Customizable payment types
Customer charge accounts
Customizable tax classes
Quick and advanced search options
Most powerful custom filters
Quantity discounts
Mix-n-Match discounts
Price reduction, Percentage or amount-off type promotions
Coupon-based discounts
Buy-X, Get-Y type discounts
Discounts based on minimum purchase quantity
Variable price discounts
Quantity based variable percentage discounts
Limit on discount quantity per transaction
Customer group based discounts
Flexible Add-on charge configuration
Price & Percentage based Add-on charges
Before-tax & After-tax add-on charges
Although our software is not built as fully cloud-based, we provide very flexibility to host your data on cloud whenever needed. Our clientele is largely distributed geographically worldwide and considering the unavailability or limited access of internet in many regions, we have designed the software with a greater flexibility. Besides, setting up a data backup of cloud for greater safety is a very easy task with our software.
Time Clock
Transaction Log
Employee Log
Price and quantity change log
Employee activity reports
Cash drawer reconciliation
This is a great idea. We give away a large portion of our profit to our resellers and create a strong business relationship. Simply contact our business development team and ask them to provide you details about our partnership program. For contacting the business development department, please refer to our Contact Us page.
Support & Service 24/7
Sales reports
Item sales reports
Inventory reports
Ordering reports
Item property reports
Purchase invoice reports
Customer reports
Profitability reports
Employee reports
Cash Drawer operation reports
Variance reports and adjustments
Transfer in/out reports
Customer loyalty cards
Flexible point system
Customizable loyalty reward plan settings
Powerful purchase-point redemption process
Categorized pricing for customer types
Charge account management
Store credit management
Advanced loyalty program designer
Automatic marketing alerts through emailing
Promotion emails
Customer label printing and mail-merging
Fully customized label designer (WYSIWYG engine)
Flexible for printing any size of labels
One-touch label printing for individual item
One-touch label printing for item groups
Built-in design for multi-pack labels
Built-in design for quantity discount price labels
Integrated barcode and sign printing
Flexible activation
Adjustment operation
Lawn operation
Drop operation
Paid-out operation
Built-in receipt printing for every operation
Stock based (reorder level based) order creation
Sales based order creation
Template based order creation
Order cloning from past orders
Advanced order queuing technique
Create order on mobile device from anywhere
On-touch order queuing
Ease of use
Hardware support for all major brands/models
Continuous improvement
Extremely dedicated customer support team
Dynamic, self-motivated technical team
Above All -> We love and appreciate our customers
Database backup
Remote register watch
Database configuration
Screen layout configuration
Receipt layout configuration
Built-in integration with E-Commerce site
Interface with Quickbooks accounting software
Built-in, preconfigured receipt layouts
Supported by all major receipt printers
Customizable settings
Advanced WYSIWYG layout designer
Policy setting for printing multiple copies of receipts
Separate layout for credit card receipt, drawer activity receipt, etc.

These versions are compatible with all standard devices that read PDF documents. Download Our PDF Flyers

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